Hong Kong protest against an extradition bill 2019

Protest against extradition bill 20199 in Hong kong

People are taking part in the protest and there is no age limit. Minimum 5 lakh people are protesting an extradition bill in Hong Kong. Some other agencies said it was closer to 10 lakh. This Protest happened in peace and lasted for 10 hours. Hong Kong’s population is around 73 lakhs and 10 lakh people are protesting.

hong kong protest 2019

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through Hong Kong on Sunday 9th June. The peaceful protest violent early on the morning of Monday when some protestors stormed Hong Kong’s Parliament. This is one of the biggest protests in the history of Hong Kong.

hong kong protest 2019

Chinese media is writing that people of the West have done it.

chinese media blames hong kong on collusion with west..

A brief history of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was on lease for 99 years to the United Kingdom. On 9 June 1898, the British under Queen Victoria brokered a 99-year lease agreement for the use of Hong Kong from China. In 1997, the British handed to China.

Now, Hong Kong is China’s Semi-Autonomous Territory.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. It’s also called SAR.

In this, they have their flag.

Its own currency HK dollar and special Passport.

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