Jammu & Kashmir Delimitation issue why in News.

What is delimitation Committee ? Why Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti reacted on it? Why Jammu and Kashmir in news again?

There is a lot of questions about delimitation Committee and we will discuss this all. I don’t take your much time so we would discuss this in short.

Omar Abdullah’s tweet

Omar Abdullah tweet on Kashmir issue about delimitation commission.

Mehbooba Mufti’s tweet

First, you know some things about Delimitation committee.

This commission called Boundary Commission. Because this body fix limits or modify the limits of any Constituency. This boundaries may be Domestic, National, International or Electoral boundaries. In Indian Constitution there is a Article 82 which deals with Delimitation Commission. This Commission release reports. This reports can not be challenged even in the Supreme Court.

Our constituency seats are distributed on the basis of 2001 census. At that time Justice Kuldip Singh was the chairman of Delimitation Committee.

The last Delimitation was in 1993. J & K govt. amendment 2002 was allowed the state to freeze the Delimitation process up to 2026. That’s why Central Government in concerns

Why Jammu & Kashmir in News ?

Media has spread a lot of reports that sources have come to the conclusion that delimitation is going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir.

The media went to the Ministry of Home Affairs
and then asked whether really delimitation in Jammu & 7 Kashmir.So they said there is no plan for now.

87 seats in Jammu & Kashmir Assembly.

There is a much difference in seats order.

The Kashmir region have 46 seats. The Jammu region have 37 seats and Ladakh region have 4 seats. There is a much difference in seats order. See the difference below.

Kashmir have 15.8% area and 54.9% Population. Jammu have 25.9% area and 42.9% Population while Ladakh have 58.3% area and 2.2% Population.(2011 census)

As per the area and population Jammu wants more seat than 37 seats. Right now the scene is more curious about Kashmir. Now the next census will be come and Delimitation commission set up and distribute seats as per new census.

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